Lade Veranstaltungen

11:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Screening with works from the JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION (focus on "architecture")

On the occasion of the Open Monument Day, the JSC Düsseldorf will be showing works from the collection that have an architectural focus.


The following works will be presented throughout the day:


Manuel Graf, Shulmantonioni, 2004, video, 3′, color, sound


Elizabeth Price, At the House of Mr X, 2007, video, 20′, color, sound


Cyprien Gaillard, Desniansky Raion, 2007, video, 30′, color, sound


Cyprien Gaillard, The Lake Arches, 2007, video, 1′39″, color, no sound


Cyprien Gaillard, KOE, 2015, HD video, 4′17″, color, no sound


Amir Yatziv, Hausbaumaschine, 2013, HD video, 7′39″, color, sound


Tobias Zielony, Le Vele di Scampia, 2009, HD video, Stop Motion, 9′16″, color, no sound


Rachel Rose, A Minute Ago, 2014, HD video, 8′43″, color, sound


Cao Fei, RMB City – A Second Life City Planning by China Tracy, 2007, video, 6′, color, sound



Cinema of the JSC Düsseldorf (second floor). Admission is free.


Parallel, the current exhibitions A.K. BURNS / NEGATIVE SPACE and JSC ON VIEW: LUTZ BACHER, BARBARA HAMMER, CAROLEE SCHNEEMANN as well as SKY HOPINKA will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.